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Israel Maldonado Rosas


Israel Maldonado Rosas, MS., is owner and CEO of the Center of Technological Innovation and Reproductive Medicine (CITMER) in Mexico with 3 IVF clinics located in Puebla, Monterrey and Mexico City, and Scientific Director of Citmer Research Center. The last 6 years, he has been an active external Professor in the International Training Program in Advanced Reproductive Techniques at the American Center for Reproductive Medicine at Cleveland Clinic.

Israel Maldonado graduated as a Biologist at the Instituto Politecnico Nacional in Mexico in 2001, was formed as Clinical Embryologist at the Instituto Valenciano de Infertilidad at Valencia Spain 2004. He was fellow at the Kato Ladies Clinic in 2005 and 2007 and he received a training in blastocyst biopsy at the American Center for Reproductive Medicine, Cleveland, USA in 2008. He received the board certified as Clinical Embryologist by the REDLARA in 2016. He was the first Embryologist in the history of Mexico to be part of the Board Committee of the Mexican Association for Reproductive Medicine (AMMR) in 2018.

Israel is currently designated by the AMMR to be part of the International Committee of Scientific Collaboration between the AMMR and ASRM, ESHRE, and ASEBIR (Spain). He has founded 3 IVF clinics in only 3 years in Mexico and formed more than 100 Mexican Embryologists in Mexico and more than 40 International Embryologists in Cleveland Clinic, USA.  

In 2008 Israel reported for the first time in collaboration with the group of the American Center for Reproductive Medicine in Cleveland, USA.  that the oocyte morphology is not a limiting factor for oocyte survival after oocyte vitrification and warming, confirming his findings in several international articles. Israel has over 14 years of experience directing more than 7 IVF Top clinics In Mexico, external assessor over 20 National and International IVF Clinics and being involved over more than 10,000 IVF cycles. Israel organized the first Annual Meeting of Mexican Embryologists supported by the AMMR in 2018. So far, Israel has collaborated in more than 25 scientific publications among peer-reviewed articles, oral and poster presentations in international IVF meetings in collaboration with National Universities of Mexico and several renowned international IVF centers and more than 150 oral presentations in Mexican IVF meetings. He has published 2 book chapters in Spanish. 

He ran the first overseas training in advanced Reproductive techniques in Mexico in 2017. He is currently part of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Experimental Research and Review.

Israel is active in basic and clinical research, being the first one in finding a physiological parameter to adjust the oxidative stress levels in culture media using the Oxidation Reduction Potential  (ORP) as a parameter to adjust the supra-physiological levels of free radicals present in embryo culture media to the physiological levels of free radicals obtained from follicular fluid from dominant follicles of oocyte donors by means of 4 antioxidants. 

He has reported for the first time that all the antioxidants present in the embryo culture media are neutralized before the first 12 hours of culture under regular human embryo culture conditions and the renewal with certain concentration of new antioxidants every 12 hours to the embryo culture media during 5 days assures to cultivate human embryos into physiological ranges of Oxidative stress during the whole in vitro embryo development. 

Israel is actively involved in laboratory and clinical studies assessing the efficacy and activity time of different antioxidants in culture media to adjust the supra-physiological levels of free radicals present in embryo culture media to the physiological levels of free radicals present in follicular fluid obtained of oocyte donors. 

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