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    Artificial insemination is a low-complexity assisted reproduction treatment that consists of ovulation induction and the deposition of capacitated sperm in the bottom of the patient’s uterus through a soft plastic catheter in order to achieve pregnancy.


    There are 7 basic steps to artificial insemination:

    Evaluation by an assisted reproduction physician to determine that you are a candidate.

    Ovarian stimulation.

    Routine check-ups.

    Scheduling the day of ovulation.

    Semen sample collection for sperm training.

    Insemination of the capacitated sperm in the fundus of the uterus.

    Pregnancy test (14 days after insemination)

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    It is the most natural and least invasive assisted reproduction technique, since the spermatozoa that are trained and selected in the laboratory will fertilize the oocyte inside the future mother.


    • Fast, simple, and painless process.
    • Low cost technique.
    • It means a higher probability of success since, thanks to the woman’s hormonal treatment, the exact moment of ovulation is known.



    Making the decision on which assisted reproduction center to choose is difficult as multiple factors must be considered.

    We want to support you in this situation, so we share here the success rates that our fertility clinic manages in achieving pregnancies with an artificial insemination treatment.

    Below is the percentage of pregnancy in women under and over 37 years old.

    The chances of becoming pregnant after undergoing more than 3 insemination attempts are very low so it is necessary to consult a specialist to determine the method that is right for your needs.

    Artificial insemination in women under 37 years.

    Artificial insemination in women over 37 years of age




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