We have observed that couples experience stress in different intensities in the search for pregnancy, which is why at Citmer we have created a method of emotional accompaniment that includes specific relaxation techniques for each stage of the Assisted Reproduction treatment. We are committed to our patients so that the journey towards meeting their baby is a wonderful experience.

Through breathing techniques, meditation, music therapy, aromatherapy, neuro-linguistic programming and body therapy, we show them a simple way to advance in the treatment in its different stages, we are prepared to receive the future parents and strengthen their emotions and belief systems to open a new horizon, allow us to show them a different way to make their great life goal achievable and regain hope with better expectations.

Our Psychotherapy Unit accompanies our patients throughout the treatment until the arrival of their baby. We are convinced that emotional well-being is an important factor in facilitating the medical-clinical processes in Assisted Reproduction treatments.


Our experience has shown us that it is easier to achieve pregnancy when the mind is in harmony. We know that there is a close relationship between the body and thoughts and emotions, which can even modify body chemistry, which is why our patients are prepared before and during treatment with individual, group and couple sessions to reduce stress as much as possible.


Citmer is a clinic that cares about the emotional well-being of its patients, which is why through its specialists in Emotional Accompaniment we have created a program called: Neuro-Emotional Therapy.

We invite you to know our program in the informative sessions on Saturdays (previous appointment) where we also show you some relaxation techniques that will help you to prepare yourself physically and emotionally in this very important stage of your life.

We also include during the whole treatment personalized sessions of emotional accompaniment; these can help you to


Speak freely and openly to learn new ways to focus your thoughts and emotions.

Be able to prepare for a fertility treatment and understand the process with the information you require for each stage.

Understand your feelings and apply immediate action relaxation techniques.

To work through the unfinished grief, you have experienced in the search for your baby.

Improve communication as a couple for the next stage of your life.



Citmer cares about the emotional well-being of her patients, which is why from your first visit we offer a couple’s session to help you review the emotional approaches that require alignment for the achievement of pregnancy towards the experience of parenthood.

Later we offer them the follow-up of emotional accompaniment in reproductive medicine.

First Visit: A personalized session for you and your partner.

Baby With You Program: Up to 8 sessions to accompany you in the birth of your baby.

Food today is not only a fashionable issue, but it becomes an essential and fundamental part of any stage of life, especially this stage when you decide to become a mother and give life to a new member of the family. During pregnancy it is basic to cover the energy needs, not only of the mother but also of the baby and therefore prepare for the moment of breastfeeding. 

During gestation there is a new biological balance in the organism, which implies an overload in the function of the main organs and systems and demands that we feed ourselves efficiently in this stage. But without forgetting that we must prepare ourselves before, during and after pregnancy.

That is why this daily act of feeding has an impact on this stage of being a mother and will have a direct relationship with the health and well-being of your baby in the womb and after birth.

Our Nutritional Consultation

We design protocols in which our patients help in the process of fertility, improve their quality of life and regain health.

Accompaniment before, during and after becoming a mother.

Completely personalized consultations to achieve the desired health and fertility goals.



At Citmer we care about your emotional and nutritional well-being, that’s why our nutrition sessions go before, during and after you achieve your dream of being a mommy, in these sessions we will learn new eating habits that can change your life.

According to your treatment are the sessions that we have included for together to achieve your goals.



Dr. Uriel Ruiz

Functional Nutritionist
Ced. Prof. 11916638

“I have one of the best professions where I can change lives and improve health, but above all my patients regain the functionality of their lives through something everyday that is to feed us”

  • Master’s Degree in Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapy
  • Degree in Clinical Psychology
  • Degree in Social Work with Medical-Hospital Specialty
  • Diploma in Holistic Training, Thanatology, Psychocorporality, Acupuncture, Reiki, Crisis Intervention, Macrobiotic Nutrition, Group Psychotherapy, Yoga, Therapeutic Massage, Telephone Psychology and First Aid.



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