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    Oocyte vitrification is one of the techniques for cryopreservation of fertility. Currently a high percentage of fertile women start with the dream of becoming a mother after the age of 35.

    Age matters, and from 25 to 35 our fertility can drop by up to 50%.

    Therefore, if you are thinking of delaying your motherhood and preserving your fertility, it is better to do it as soon as possible.

    To raise awareness of this, we have launched the campaign: You decide, when


    How to preserve?

    Oocyte extraction is a simple, quick and painless process. After the follicular puncture, the eggs are vitrified in the laboratory at a temperature of -196º and preserved in liquid nitrogen.

    How long will my oocytes wait for me?

    As long as you need. Vitrification is a very safe process that guarantees the viability of the oocytes after devitrification without the passage of time affecting their quality.

    How does oocyte vitrification help me?

    With the vitrification of oocytes, the woman can keep her oocytes at the most fertile age and use them later when she wants to look for a child. The chances of getting pregnant will remain the same as when the oocytes were vitrified and therefore the success rate will be higher than any other fertility treatment that can be performed at that age.

    At CITMER we encourage all those young women and women who are not yet planning to become mothers, to have an oocytes vitrification treatment: the process is not long or painful and when in a few years they want to have a child, their oocytes will be safe and in good condition, increasing their chances of becoming a mother, and consequently, making this process much easier.

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    Sperm Freezing

    The freezing of the semen is done through a sample that is cryopreserved with liquid nitrogen at -196°C, which guarantees the viability of the spermatozoa once thawed. The samples are stored in the sperm bank, which allows their conservation in optimal conditions.

    In which cases are sperm frozen?

    Seminal cryopreservation is indicated in the following cases:

    • Patients who are going to undergo medical treatment that may affect their fertility, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
    • Patients who have decided to have a vasectomy and want to cryopreserve samples in case they wish to become parents in the future.
    • If the man will not be able to provide the semen sample on the day of the follicular puncture, for example, because of work. This is especially practical in the case of patients who live abroad and resort to ovodonation.
    • Patients who usually have difficulties in obtaining the sample, such as those who suffer from psychological blockages.
    • Men who are going to be exposed to dangerous situations, such as soldiers who have to move to conflict areas.




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