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    Our Donating Dreams program is a voluntary and altruistic act that provides healthy oocytes and sperm to couples who wish to become parents and are unable to do so with their own resources.


    How do we select our donors?

    All our donors go through a very strict selection program that includes

    • A personal interview to get all the information about their medical history, including psychological tests
    • A gynecological examination
    • A series of tests to rule out infections and pathologies

    The success of our oocyte donation program is also based on our efforts to match a donor with physical characteristics very similar to those of the recipient.

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    The selection of donors for our sperm bank is carried out through a very rigorous process of interviews and studies, where only 10% of the young people who wish to donate are part of our program. This guarantees that the quality standards of the donated sperm are very high.

    To be a sperm donor, the donor must fulfill a series of indispensable obligations:

    • To be of legal age
    • Not suffering from any infectious disease
    • No direct family history of genetic disorders or hereditary diseases
    • No diseases such as HIV (AIDS), hepatitis B and C, herpes, gonorrhea, and syphilis I and II
    • No history of drug use

    Citmer has advanced diagnostic equipment in male fertility that allows us to determine, with greater certainty, the sperm quality of donors and thus improve the chance of pregnancy of our patients.

    Sperm donation helps:

    • Women without a male partner
    • Patients with a lack of sperm
    • Women whose partner has pathological chromosomal abnormalities in the semen
    • Couples without optimal sperm quality, among others

    At Citmer, we offer our services as a fertility clinic with experienced specialists, come to us and solve all the doubts you have about it.



    The pregnancy rate with donated eggs varies between 50% and 70% in one attempt compared to the 0% or 10% success rate that can be obtained using eggs of poor quality in some of its components.

    This technique considerably decreases the risk of miscarriage or having a baby with a genetic problem.




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    Hours of operation
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    Hours of operation
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