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    Programmed intercourse is a simple technique that does not require an In Vitro fertilization laboratory.

    It consists of synchronizing unprotected sex with the time closest to the woman’s ovulation, in order to increase the chances of conception.

    There are two methods for programmed intercourse: taking advantage of the woman’s natural cycle or through ovarian stimulation.

    Programmed intercourse helps to:

    • Patients under 35 years old,
    • No apparent infertility problems,
    • With at least one permeable fallopian tube,
    • With regular and/or irregular menstrual cycles,
    • When the male’s semen has normal seminal parameters, among others.

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    Natural cycle

    Programmed intercourse based on the natural cycle does not require the use of medication, only ovulation monitoring through follicular ultrasound follow-up and blood tests. This makes it possible to determine the ideal days for sexual intercourse and increase the chances of achieving pregnancy.

    Ovarian Stimulation

    Programmed intercourse can be combined with ovarian stimulation of the woman. This is done by means of medications that induce follicular growth and increase the chances of pregnancy.

    • It can be done by daily oral or subcutaneous administration of medication for an average of 10 days.
    • Vaginal ultrasounds and blood tests are performed regularly to monitor and control the growth of the follicles.
    • The doctor will indicate the most favorable days for intercourse.

    banner coito programado Todo logro comienza con la desición de intentarlo Every achievement
    begins with the decision
    to try.


    • It is the most natural and non-invasive assisted reproduction technique of all.
    • Low cost technique.
    • It improves the success rate in women with irregular or ineffective ovulations.



    The chance of achieving a pregnancy per month with natural cycle is 12% but the percentage increases to 20% with ovarian stimulation when all the above factors are met.

    If pregnancy has not been achieved after trying this technique for 3 to 4 months, it is advisable to consult a specialist about other assisted reproduction techniques.




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